Should young adults buy life insurance?

Many young adults maintain a sense of immortality well into their 30s and do not stop to consider the importance of life insurance.


However, there are several benefits to purchasing Columbus life insurance at a young age, including locking in a lower rate and having guaranteed coverage if you develop health issues later in life. Term life insurance offers coverage for 10, 20 or 30 year terms and provides the most cost-effective solution. Let’s take a look at a few more benefits:

Early Death

No one expects to die early, but the truth is that it can happen to anyone. If you’re married, your spouse loves and depends on you. He or she would need time to grieve after your death. Having a financial cushion would let him or her go through that process without the need to worry about paying bills.

Married couples often buy homes based on both incomes. If one spouse dies, it may become difficult to pay the mortgage. Life insurance can help your spouse continue living the lifestyle he or she is accustomed to.



Some young adults support children, elderly parents or disabled family members. A life insurance policy can provide financial support to ensure the continued care of these individuals. Every young adult with dependents faces increased responsibility and should plan his or her finances accordingly.


Funeral Expenses

Funeral and burial services can quickly add up to total over $10,000. A life insurance policy can cover these expenses and remove the burden from your family in the wake of tragedy.

Life insurance is designed to benefit individuals of all ages. Call GAD Insurance. at 614-221-1500 for more information on life insurance.